Phenomena typical of a scam:

Pop-up windows when you leave the page.
1. It must be a scam if they report limited availability: there are only 12 places left. Or a countdown clock starts. These are typical psychological pressure tactics. How do you trust someone who uses one.
2. You get an offer you can't refuse. According to them, an irrefutable offer with a substantial discount. Again psychological coercion. Do you trust him?

They make commitments but offer no guarantees as an officially registered, complaint handling organisation, compensation possibilities.

They react arrogantly if you do not comply with their requirements. For example, you do not immediately follow through with the registration. You do not write as much as they require. And any rule that doesn't actually protect other people users, but illustrate the omnipotence of the site administrators.(You do what we say or you can go.) Go away on your own. Extremely arrogant, antisocial dating. If you don't immediately fill out your registration according to their dictates you will be fired. Avoid such behaviour is a typical sign of a scam. Translated with (free version)